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Removing "Child Pages" Label

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#110875 (In Topic #22274)

Non-joined user

Hey all,

Was wondering if anyone could provide some guidance on whether it is possible to remove the "Child Pages" label in the Comcode box after adding child pages on a site.

I like having the box, vice simply adding links for subordinate pages, but would prefer if it didn't have that label/header at the top of the box...

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Community saint

If you do a search in the AdminZone for Child Pages, you should find the language string which you can edit. I imagine you could make it blank or change it to something you prefer. Not sure which template it uses offhand, but it would need to be stripped out at the template level if you want to remove it completely.

EDIT: The template is 'BLOCK_MAIN_COMCODE_PAGE_CHILDREN.tpl' and you just need to remove <p class="lonely_label">{!CHILD_PAGES}:</p>
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Thanks so much!

Worked perfectly.
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