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Recent upgrade problems on v9 patch releases

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#93778 (In Topic #18728)

This last week we've had a few upgrade problems come up. This topic will document them.

1) "Connection interrupted when downloading" error

You might get this error when clicking the "Launch upgrader" button. It is referring to a failure to download a very small version-info file from the server, and is an intermittent bug that only affects some servers. It is caused by a problem in ocPortal's HTTP downloader.

You can workaround by launching the upgrader manually from the tools menu, and generating the upgrade TAR URL manually from the generation tool in the news post.

Or, this fix should solve it:
» Download: files2.php (39 Kb, 119 downloads so far)

2) Not putting in FTP info leading to confusion

If you don't put in FTP info on the login screen of the upgrader, or you put in wrong info and ignore the errors, you may have a problem during extraction. FTP info is only needed on non-"SuExec" servers, which fortunately fewer people have nowadays – so this only affects those users.

The problem manifests itself with you going to extract and thinking you did it right, but actually nothing having changed. This is because file permission errors were showing at the top of the upgrade extraction frame, but ocPortal kept automatically scrolling them out of view. If you scroll up you'll see them – and the resolution is to ensure you give FTP details correctly.

3) Addons partially reinstalling

If you upgraded originally from v8 or earlier, the imports/mods directory was renamed to imports/addons. You should ideally move imports/mods/*.tar to imports/addons/, otherwise the upgrader won't recognise that an addon was uninstalled as opposed to being new - and start putting files back. This may lead to strange errors on your site, including critical ones.

If you accidentally ran into this problem without realising the tar files need moving, the resolution for '4' below will solve it as the problem is equivalent.
View topic: What to do if you accidentally upload the contents of an upgrade TAR manually -

4) Accidentally manually uploading addon tar contents

If you upload the contents of an upgrade TAR manually, ocPortal won't be able to filter the files for you. If you've uninstalled addons you'll suddenly be restoring all the addon-registry files for all addons and files from uninstalled addons that have had bug fixes to them. This will lead to an inconsistent state, i.e. lots of partially installed addons.
A resolution is given in this topic:
View topic: What to do if you accidentally upload the contents of an upgrade TAR manually -

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