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RAM and Bandwidth usage estimates

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Fan in action

OCPortal is the tool I've chosen for my first forray into Virtual Private Server community hosting, and I was wondering if anybody here might be able to help me with some usage estimates.

I remember reading somewhere that 'chat programs' tend to consume tons of memory and bandwidth, but I can't find any estimates anywhere.

Perchance does anybody here have a large and active community that makes heavy use of the Chat and IM features? If so, would you be willing to give me some approximations to help me choose an appropriate hosting plan?

Thanks for reading this guys.
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With regards to the performance and the RAM that you'll need, let me say that every website is different, and every VPS is also different. For example, you could have a really optimised website that runs slow if your VPS is too crowded, or indeed you could have an unoptimised website run really fast if your VPS only has a couple of websites running on it. I can tell you that we've made every effort to optimise ocPortal to give you the best performance.

It's difficult to estimate how much bandwidth a website would need. If you're just using it for chat, then the requirements would be low (unless you have thousands of chatters). If you had a popular image gallery on your website, then your bandwidth requirements would most certainly be greater, but still hard to estimate.

My advice would be this:
  • go for the cheapest plan and upgrade later if you need to (make sure your host will let you do this)
  • uninstall any of ocPortal's add-ons that you aren't going to be utilising (this can improve performance)

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