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#44517 (In Topic #9858)

Fan in training

Hi Chris/everyone,

I would like to ask if the quiz/survey/trending feature can be modified in such a way that trends can be determined relative to custom user demographic information, i.e. income bracket, and content categories, if i designate categories such as : US -> Florida -> Miami -> downtown, or Philippines->Metro Manila ->Makati->Ayala Avenue, or Cameras->Pentax->PX100.

This will determine whether i can use ocPortal or i will be forced, painfully, to code stuff myself.

I am also concerned with regards to the scalability and speed of such a setup, if i intend to display and cache certain summary trend information for a given category/subcategory, i.e.

  • Restaurants
  • Fastfood
 -> Restaurant A rates 86% for Question Category A, 72% for Category B, etc
 -> Restaurant B rates 78% for Question Category A, 22% for Category B, etc


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Hi Peter,

It sounds like you're looking for a survey to be attached to each entry within a category tree, and then to see statistics for each entry separately.

The survey feature in ocPortal isn't this sophisticated, as there's no association between surveys and entries: surveys are standalone.

Now, if we're talking making changes, I'm sure it is perfectly achievable. One way would be to pass through an entry ID in the link to a survey, and store that as one of the answers in a hidden field. A bit of customisation could then be done to the admin UI to be able to report on this, or instead I would suggest a little work to allow results to be exported to CSV (as then all Excel's various stats features could be used).

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Fan in training

Hi Chris,

thanks very much for this. it seems i won't be able to use ocportal for my current project after all, then. But i am impressed with it as a basis for other sites, and ill bear it in mind to use in other projects. :)
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