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Quiz module and its features

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Quiz module and its features

I am exploring the Quiz module and am coming up with a few things I think should be added or adjusted.

First of all I would love to have access to the WYSIWYG editor for the quiz TEXT. You have made it available on the "TEXT SHOWN AT QUIZ COMPLETION" (2nd box) and the "TEXT SHOWN AT QUIZ START" (1st box) but not on the quiz TEXT box (3rd box). For me it could dress the quiz presentation up and who doesn't need their quizes to be more inviting and fun? :lol:

Then when in in COMPETITION MODE:

WITH WRONG ANSWERS - If you take the quiz and answer some of the questions wrong you get a response to tell you where you were wrong. I believe that admin or staff also gets an email alert. This is excellent. I have tried this out using test members with email addresses but I haven't seen that the member also gets an email declaring their triumph :thumbs: or failure :$ in taking the quiz. That might be a nice addition.

On the display of the results with the corrected quiz there is no space between the corrected answers and the "TEXT SHOWN AT QUIZ COMPLETION" display. A little separation between them would help distinguish the 2 seperate blocks of information.

WITH ALL CORRECT ANSWERS - taking the quiz and getting them all right gives no instant gratification or recognition of being that wiz kid or genus you always knew you were - maybe something like "You answered every question correctly" or "You got them all right, AMAZING!" Perhaps better, an entry line that would allow the quiz maker to insert their own congratulation message or some animated fireworks graphic that goes ka-boom?

…and since we are in competition mode, should there be a line, where the results of this are shown for the member who just took the test and as compared to all the others who have taken it too. A 'to date' display which lists the high scores of the other members who also took the quiz - perhaps also how many times they took the quiz would be interesting too! You may have done something like this where it is "tied to the NEWSLETTER" (which I haven't tried as of yet).

Now when in TEST MODE:

WITH WRONG ANSWERS - a line may appear that tells you that "You got 0 marks out of___ (0%)." and that you passed or failed the test …but nothing showing which ones you answered wrong like in COMPETITION MODE.

"You got ___ marks out of ___ (100%).
You have passed the test."
…which is better than you currently get in COMPETITION MODE but again, an option to input a WELL DONE message would be nice.

I like the QUIZ module but can see where it could shine and be more inviting and useful. What do you think? ;)

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