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Quirky global.css selector

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#103881 (In Topic #20308)


Incorrect bullet positioning for spaced-list items


Hardly a major issue, this one, but one that's baffling me, and I'd much appreciate anybody's tips on how to resolve it!

In the default theme (and my customization of it), the square bullets applied to list-items within the "spaced list" format display as expected for items whose text spans one line or less, but if the item's text extends to two or more lines, the bullet gets incorrectly displayed at the start of its bottom line.

The fault can be resolved via the .fractional_edit, .fractional_edit_nonover selector, by changing the display property's value from inline-block to block. But that causes the side-effect of adding underlining to the list items, which, while the items are admittedly hyperlinks, are by default displayed with undecorated text. For aesthetic reasons it would be good to retain the undecorated styling, but I'm at a loss to find any selector impacting directly on the styling of spaced lists that I could modify to remove the underlining. Very possibly I'd be needing to add a new rule to the existing stylesheet - but my quandary there is, which existing selectors would be combined in its declaration?

I've a hunch I'd be able to resolve this myself if only I understood what operations are implied by the terms "fractional edit" and "nonover" - can anyone fill me in thereto?

Thanks for reading!

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fractional_edit is basically for staff. You can remove the styles if they're causing you problems.
Removing them would show you what others see anyway. If it's underlined, that's probably how it normally is anyway, and fractional_edit (OTTOMH) may disable that as by default it puts dotted lines around it all (indicating you can do inline editing of that text).

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Many thanks, Chris, for the information - and sincere apologies for such a seriously long delay replying (away on holiday, etc.).

I still haven't figured out why merely changing the display property from inline-block to block would invoke the underlining (or, perhaps more pertinently, why the converse would suppress it), but no matter - I'm settling for the underlined style for now.

Kind regards,
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