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Quick Question: Awards Types Feature

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#50040 (In Topic #10901)


Content management... Am I clearly seeing...

Hey Chris,

I'm looking at the Add Awards Type
and it seems like the Update Time
allows for content management to
distributing content in increments.

Is this correct?

So when something is added… Let's
say a video, I can determine the time
period to make it visible to either a
member, video, user group… so on?

Thanks for the your insight! :thumbs:

If I'm thinking and it can do what I'm
thinking… You have taken ocPortal
for me to another LEVEL!

Have a great day!

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From the description for that form field:
This figure is purely used in order to help staff manage their own scheduling, it doesn't place any limits on the system.

So I'm afraid it's not doing what you're looking for.

Please don't write to staff directly when you post, as we're not really supposed to do any free support – ocProducts support is commercial (ocPortal being free software, yet the main staff being paid employees). Our policy is only to post in reply to bugs or if there's a deficiency in the documentation or usability. Sometimes I'm nice and post anyway, but really if you need staff support please contact us privately about setting up a support account with some credit.

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My apology. I have a habit to
address a person… online or
offline. ;)

Wasn't aware of this support
option. Not mentioned to me
during previous support

Have a wonderful week!

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