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question about integration

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I am setting up a gaming website so we need 2 things that I'm having trouble integrating into ocPortal

#1 latest posts

I am using ocportal with SMF for the forum.
I need to have the forum's latest posts appear in the left panel of the portal.
I have tried all of the modules that involve forum posts but they all want to draw posts from only one board in the forum, which isn't what I need.
on the SMF site they recommend SSI and explain how to do it but when I tried, the coding kept disappearing from ocportal when I hit preview while editing in the left panel.
Is there a special way of adding php coding to do SSI on ocportal?


#2 Ventrilo status

I did a search to see if ocportal had any ventrilo modules/addons available, and all I found was some posts saying people want a vent status module and someone saying ocportal was created for gaming originally. But there is no ventrilo/teamspeak integration?
Right now I'm having to use a javascript (provided by a different website that rents vent servers) to display our ventrilo status but I was wanting to have it built into the site either through an addon/mod or through SSI, but I'm confused on if that's possible.
Basically what the vent status does is shows you who is on the vent server and what channel they're in, and also alerts you if the server is down.

If either of these are possible, please point me in the right direction, I've googled all evening about these two things.

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