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Projects - looking for how to institute module

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Fan in training

help with projects

I have one 'super member project' activated to use as a test of what projects can do.

It appears to be little more than a listing of the project's description, which is not what I want to do. I have searched the osportal site, the help files and this forum, and am not coming up where I can find how to use this module more as a project management system many of us are familiar with. Is it's intent not to be used as a project management system?

What I hope to do is template various projects that groups will use for their own on the ground activities. Am I approaching this correctly, or is there a better way of doing this in osportal?

Thanks for any tips.
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Community saint

Without knowing exactly what you need in a project management system, it's difficult to give all of the specifics. But here is some info that should help.

The Super Member Projects is just an ocPortal catalogue, which is basically just a database. You can add/remove catalogue fields as needed to capture all of the data you need for the Super Member Projects catalogue. If you're not a fan of the table format of the project entries, you can display the project data in a non-table format by creating a new set of templates for that particular catalogue. This is where things will start to get a bit more difficult.

To customise the templates, you will want to refer to the tempcode tutorial and two of the catalogue tutorials:

ocPortal Tutorial: Tempcode programming - - ocPortal Tutorial: Custom structured content (via catalogues)
Content features and usage - (the .doc file attached in a post by Chris on that page)

In ocPortal, there will be some limitations on permissions with catalogues (more specifically, permissions on the individual catalogue entries, or in this case, individual projects) that might make it unusable if you have some complex needs. The upcoming rebranded release of ocPortal (called Composr) has the ability to specify a more strict list of permissions regarding who can view and access the content on a per-entry basis.
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