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I'm actualy testing different CMS with the objective of creating an intranet for our company in my research i've found OCP wich i find realy intresting because it include most features we need.

But whereas i could configure LDAP in no time on other products i can't make it works for OCP and this is a realy important point for us so i'd like you to help me on that one.

The conf i use for OC ( note that i discovered LDAP connection as i was testing those softs and i have small to no knolwedge on the subject ) :

Enable ldap : check
Windows server : check ( we're running on 2003 AD )
Alow non-ldap, uncheck
Ldap hostname : myhost.mydomain.local
ldap base-DN : Dc=Mydomain,DC=local
Username : CN=Myaccountname,CN=users,DC=mydomain,DC=local
Password: mypwd
Kerberos auth : disabled
Ldap login domain : blank
Group seach qualifier : Cn=Users
Member seach qualifier: OU=Myuserou,DC=Mydomain,DC=local
Loginproperty : sAMAccountName
Manual auth : uncheck
LDAP version : 3
Group class : blank ( no idea what's needed here )
Member class : objectclass=user ( no idea either i just tryed with that value )

When i'm trying to auth with my domain accounts it just doesn't works displaying twice to four timet that error :

LDAP: No such object.
with the "Member xxx does not exist." error in the login error.

I tried to find working configuration of OCP with AD without succes so i can only guess the synthax and values needed to make it work.

Thanks you for your help.

Pierre Huvelle
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If it's possible for us to debug it remotely we're happy to do that for you for free.
Please submit a free support ticket with the access details we'd need.

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Hello, first thanks for your fast answere it's a good thing for us to know you guys are behind your product actively.

Second, the project is actualy hosted on an internal apache server wich isn't easily accessible from outside, i can however give you a copy of my oc portal directory/db and i can eventualy manage to get you a teamviewer access depending on my Responsable will on the subject.

i'll start a new ticket anyway because i now have an error when trying to use LDAP.
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