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Problem downloading an exported addon in Internet Explorer

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#107770 (In Topic #21004)

Community saint

Important! If you downloaded and installed the YouTube Channel Integration addon from the links that were available here, you should delete the .tar file, uninstall the addon, and install it again through Adminzone>Structure>Addons>Import non-bundled addon(s) by downloading it from the ocPortal addon repository. 

Hey Chris,

Just thought I'd mention this other oddity in the addon export process. I noticed this problem after exporting an addon in ocPortal, but I don't think it's a bug with ocPortal. It seems like something odd happening with downloaded .tar files in Internet Explorer (it works fine in Chrome). After exporting the addon and ocPortal goes back to the Addons screen with a message and link at the top of the page that states:

Your addon has been created. You may download it

On the web server, the file is correct. It is named YouTube_Channel_Integration_Block-12052015-1405.tar and is 65024 bytes in size and an uncompressed tarball of the addon files. If I click the 'download it' link using Internet Explorer, it gives me a gzipped archive of the tar file and is 12,150 bytes in size:

<edit>removed attachment since it links to outdated file</edit>

You can extract this archive and add a .tar extension to the extracted file to get the original file as it is on the web server. In other words, Internet Explorer is taking the uncompressed tarball, stripping the extension off, and adding it to a gzipped archive with the same name as the original tarball.

If I download the same link in Chrome, I get the correct tar file (note...I added an underscore to the end of the file name manually after downloading):

<edit>removed attachment since it links to outdated file</edit>

I'm not sure what is happening with the download in Internet Explorer and a quick Google search didn't reveal much (I'll keep looking, though) so I'm not sure if this is something that can be detected and worked around in ocPortal. I don't think I have any browser toolbars, extensions, or addons that would cause this; I'll have to take a closer look. If nobody else is experiencing this oddity, I'll assume there is some setting or some extension installed in my Internet Explorer v11 that is affecting the download.

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It's hard to follow, but essentially I think it is this…

  1. Your Apache is set to gzip stuff
  2. IE thinks that a tar file specified with a gzip transfer encoding is actually a server bug (specification of file type rather than of actual transfer encoding), so it leaves the transfer stream gzipped

Try this in .htaccess:


<IfModule mod_setenvif.c>
SetEnvIfNoCase Request_URI \.tar$ no-gzip dont-vary

I will add to Composr so that this is standardised while it goes through beta testing.

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Community saint

Thanks! Once again, spot on. Disabling gzip for .tar files in .htaccess lets the .tar files download normally in Internet Explorer.
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