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Pre-Installation Questions

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#38633 (In Topic #8687)

Fan in training

Hello! I have been looking for a CMS for use with my Invision Power Board forum software and found OcPortal. It looks great!

I did however have a few questions I wanted to ask before I installed it.

I know that OcP says it will integrate with a pre-existing IPB forum. Will OcP also work with the other IPB add-ons like blogs and gallery? I mean are there any issues created if those add-ons are present?

I browsed the demo here and tried to find the answer in the tutorial/help files but I wasn't able to locate anything. I probably just don't know where to look but I was wondering how hard it would be to add a block to the front page? I wanted to have a block to display Ventrilo server stats. It appeared to me that any code (.php) could be added but I'm not sure if that's correct.

Thanks for the help!
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Community saint

Hi Drakon911! I can't speak to your first question, however, there are others in this forum that use IPB who will chime in.

As for blocks/content: you can add virtually anything to the blocks from precanned dynamic content to html and I believe php code.

I would also recommend spending some serious time looking through this site and playing with demo (or installing your own); ocPortal is a great product for sure. Do not be overwhelmed/daunted by all the features and functions of the product as it will get mucho easier as your familiarity with ocPortal grows.

Welcome aboard!

Be well, SD

Edit: Here are a couple of links that may help a bit with the content part:
ocPortal – View topic: Now I wanna add php!
ocPortal – View topic: How do I add HTML code?

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You can turn most PHP code into blocks, but they do need to be modified slightly to run as ocPortal blocks.

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