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Possible to simplify AdminZone to limited privileges?

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Hello, i am trying to make sub admins and other lower privilege level moderators to the website, not just forums. My question is, is it possible to limited what someone can access/see in the admin zone by a user or usergroup basis. For example a moderator can see content menu, and polls, but not the setup menus and configuration options of the site?

I want to enable this kind of limited access for multiple reasons, first for site security, the other to keep things simple for site staff that have very specific duties and have no need to access most adminzone features.

So is this at all possible to limit visibility to specific sections and tools, or is it simply an all or nothing kind of set up? If it is an all or nothing, can anyone give me suggestions to how to 'fake' the limited visibility i want? Would i need to create custom zones with custom adminpages, because that seems a little overkill for this problem.

Please let me know the possibilities, thanks.
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Admin Zone Security Privileges


Admin Zone Security Permissions Tree Editor

+SuperMods+ already have some restrictions imposed on them. Working through these lists you ought to be able to impose a few more.


Take my advice. I'm not using it!

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