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#97038 (In Topic #19256)

Fan in training

First let me say ocPortal is an amazingly user friendly piece of software/portal. I know a little coding, but this makes it so easy to setup and deploy!

onto my question. ;)

In the user's profile section there is a tab that says points, when I view this tab as an admin I can see a section titled Points Spent. It shows the transactions for the user that they have bought with their points.

When I log in to that user and go to the same points tab in the profile I can no longer see the Points Spent section of the page. 

Is there away to allow a general user to see in their profile the points they have spent/items purchased? I'm thinking there is an option somewhere to allow this, but I just can not find it. Help! 

I've attached a screen shot of the section I am talking about, I hope this helps.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Fan in training

I found my answer after poking around global privileges sections!!

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