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#90047 (In Topic #18230)

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Hey everyone,

Its been a while since i last posted having had writers block for weeks! Anyway, inspiration struck today and im back to blogging.

I am just announcing a competition where i give away itunes vouchers 4 times a year to the most active members. I would like to be able to either reset points in order to start everyone from 0 again, or at least be able to present a leader board covering a particular time frame.

At the moment i cant seem to reset the points despite changing the 'start date' for the leaderboard. Also the leaderboard seems to suggest its only covering the last week; "This leader-board shows the top 5 point holders for this week.".

Its difficult to make things fair at the moment as im unable to level the playing field and take an accurate measure of points. Here is the blog post if you want to take a look at how things are displaying.
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The leader-board is designed to take snapshots of who the top point holders are at regular intervals, it doesn't have any features for showing who has earned most just over the time period.

There's also no way to reset points, because that is done via an equation based on data on the members - there's no overall tally stored anywhere.

I have tweaked the explanations for how the block works to clarify this for new users.
I have also made a small change to allow more than 100 members to be included in the leader-board. This way you can theoretically set the number of members displayed to a very large number (e.g. 10,000) to ensure each snapshot covers your whole userbase, then manually use something like Excel to see who the biggest risers were between two complete snapshots.
0000781: Slightly unclear how points leaderboard works - ocPortal feature tracker

I have added a tracker issue for properly extending the leader-board functionality in the way you had wanted:
0000782: Allow leader-board to show snapshots of biggest earners in a period of time - ocPortal feature tracker

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Honoured member

Thanks Chris…i might just sponsor that feature myself.

In the meanwhile, can anyone suggest a good way of using ocP to reward the most active members?

I am doing an iTunes voucher giveaway and i want it to both encourage activity, reward the most active, but also have it accessable to new members. I dont want to be giving the prizes to the same few people who dominate the post count.

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Community saint

Ollie8557 said

… I dont want to be giving the prizes to the same few people who dominate the post count. …


I agree with you Ollie that you don't want to be giving the prizes to the same few people who dominate the post count. You may have implemented these suggestions already, but this is what I've done on my site to promote activity and point earnings other than post counts:

I've included on my point system more points for IOTDs, Blogs, Polls, Quizzes, Downloads and WiKis than for forum posts. I've also encouraged members to dispense their "Gift" points with an expanded version of the ocThanks addon in the form of a "Hall of Fame" (see example here). This way, the top point earners have a good mix of self earned points and points of appreciation from other members.

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