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Please help importing vbulletin

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#73479 (In Topic #15371)

Fan in training

error codes

i tried importing vbulleting 4.1.3 and got the following errors from ocportal any help would be greatly appreciated here


Database query failed: INSERT INTO oc_f_categories (c_title, c_description, c_expanded_by_default) VALUES ('vBCms Comments', NULL, 1) [Column 'c_description' cannot be null]<br /> Database query failed: INSERT INTO oc_import_id_remap (id_session, id_type, id_old, id_new) VALUES (9927865, 'category', '3', NULL) [Column 'id_new' cannot be null]<br />

PHP NOTICE [8] Undefined index: postid in /home/hostinge/public_html/sources/hooks/modules/admin_import/vb3.php on line 827 (version: 7.1.3, PHP version: 5.2.17, URL: /adminzone/index.php?page=admin_import&type=import&session=9927865&importer=vb3)

Here is the stack trace:Below is a stack trace revealing the state the software was in when the error occurred. If this represents a bug in the unmodified software, you may want to check ocPortal website for a fix, and if there isn't one, report this as a bug. Please note that merely posting a stack trace is not sufficient for us to solve your problem; the stack trace is just an aid that presents us with additional information. We still need to know the error message, what you tried to do, how you tried to do it, version numbers, and any other appropriate information.
We apologise for this problem and if it's a bug we hope you will work with us so that we can fix it for you promptly.

'PHP NOTICE [8] Undefined index: postid in /home/hostinge/public_html/sources/hooks/modules/admin_import/vb3.php on line 827'

'PHP NOTICE [8] Undefined index: postid in /home/hostinge/public_html/sources/hooks/modules/admin_import/vb3.php on line 827'



'Undefined index: postid'



Function'import_ocf_post_files'Class'Hook_vb3'Type'->'ObjectHook_vb3::__set_state(array( ))Args
database_driver::__set_state(array( 'table_prefix' => '', 'connection_read' => array ( 0 => NULL, 1 => 'hostinge_forums', ), 'connection_write' => array ( 0 => false, 1 => 'hostinge_forums', 2 => 'localhost', 3 => 'hostinge_Tycoon', 4 => 'Harv3yL3on', 5 => false, ), 'text_lookup_original_cache' => array ( ), 'text_lookup_cache' => array ( ), 'table_exists_cache' => array ( ), 'static_ob' => Database_Static_mysql::__set_state(array( )), ))



array ( 0 => Hook_vb3::__set_state(array( )), 1 => 'import_ocf_post_files', )

array ( 0 => database_driver::__set_state(array( 'table_prefix' => '', 'connection_read' => array ( 0 => NULL, 1 => 'hostinge_forums', ), 'connection_write' => array ( 0 => false, 1 => 'hostinge_forums', 2 => 'localhost', 3 => 'hostinge_Tycoon', 4 => 'Harv3yL3on', 5 => false, ), 'text_lookup_original_cache' => array ( ), 'text_lookup_cache' => array ( ), 'table_exists_cache' => array ( ), 'static_ob' => Database_Static_mysql::__set_state(array( )), )), 1 => '', 2 => '/home/hostinge/public_html/forumsnew', )

File'/home/hostinge/public_html/adminzone/pages/modules/admin_import.php'Line'156'Function'do_import'Class'Module_admin_import'Type'->'ObjectModule_admin_import::__set_state(array( ))Args
File'/home/hostinge/public_html/sources/zones.php'Line'386'Function'run'Class'Module_admin_import'Type'->'ObjectModule_admin_import::__set_state(array( ))Args




Parameterslabel_for__old_base_dirBase directoryold_base_dir/home/hostinge/public_html/forumsnewrequire__old_base_dir1label_for__refresh_timeRefresh timerefresh_time15require__refresh_time1typehooksession9927865importervb3import_ocf_groups1import_custom_comcode1import_ocf_members1import_ocf_member_files1import_points_gifts_and_charges1import_ocf_custom_profile_fields1import_ocf_categories1import_ocf_forums1import_ocf_topics1import_ocf_posts1import_ocf_post_files1import_ocf_polls_and_votes1import_ocf_tracking1import_ocf_personal_topics1import_wordfilter1import_config1import_calendar1

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The importer is "vBulletin 3.0.x / 3.5.x", so it isn't going to work without substantial re-development work. Forum software database structure tends to change on each release.

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