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Per-Member Blog Possible ?

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Fan in action

It is possible to provide each member on an ocPortal site with their own indvidual blogs ?

If so, could anyone explain how to do that ?

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Community saint

From the tutorial (ocPortal Tutorial: Releasing news & running a Blog - ocPortal)

enabling member blogs

Blog posts are just news posts that exist in a category that is owned by a member. Assuming you don't apply a filter, they'll show up everywhere news can be seen (in the news block, and the news archive). There is also a link in each member's profile to see that member's blog.

When a member goes to the cms:cms_news:ad page-link (they might do this by clicking 'Add news' on the news block, or you might provide a link for them on your menu), they'll by default be posting to their blog.
Permissions required for blogs are:
Permission to access the cms zone [set in permission tree editor]
Permissions to access the cms:cms_news page (it's on by default) [set in permission tree editor]
The 'have personal categories permission' [set in privileges]
The 'add mid-level content permission' [set in privileges, or in the permission tree editor if you want to set it just to apply for cms:cms_news]

Hope that helps.

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Fan in action

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the tip. It will help me out.

ocPortal has alot of feautres and customization options.

I am hoping there is a way to provide ocPortal site members with a feature rich blog space.

I see there is a "WordPress" blog importer on the blog management page,
so I am hoping our members can have blogs with similar functionality and feature rich content.

Don't know if it can be done, but I shall give it a go.

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