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Partial Isolation from ocP-Network through Specific Zone Identity

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#83437 (In Topic #17345)

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Drawing from the best of ocP/CMS while maintaining proprietary protections

As a summation of some previous concepts I had submitted, I am posting this for a possible future feature development.
It involves the real life situation of the need for some degree of separation from the portal in terms of unique utilization.
A zone with location specific (and even function specific) information is relevant. The provision of directions to the office (via a map), policies, photos of front desk staff and office decor (as a banner), sign-up sheets, office specific forms for intake and the like are necessary. The value of appointing, a separate product catalog and checkout are possible but thorough technical resolution with custom programming is cost prohibitive at this time.
Nonetheless, there are workarounds, the appointments can be made to be 'nonpublic' and visible only to staff; a catalog category can be blocked on a zone page for the specific office (with a unique product identifier such as having the product ID begin with 'OS' - for office specific) and payments made to the sole established PayPal account can be routed to the originator after being received.
Since I have a building which can function as a 'physical plant', I will start an experimental zone for customization to this end.
In the long run, this will allow the benefits of the larger functional network (news, posts, CEDI, forums, chat etc.) to be available to the local group while it can maintain its specific identity and specialization. This latter idea is valuable for those whose 'proprietary' materials need protection.
It will be necessary to explore the various 'blocks', the concepts behind 'msn' and other items relevant to the 'specific zone identity'. I will do this as best I can (although I am a 'newbie'). Others here, with greater experience than mine, are welcome to contribute a framework (or more) towards this endeavor.
Inputs are appreciated, this may be a long road of pursuit.
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Community saint

Typically this would be handled by running two distinct versions of the CMS. Mixing public/corporate data in one is just a recipe for disaster.

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