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order the zones on the zone main menu

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Fan in training

Hi There!

I've been looking through tutorials, FAQ and the forum search but didn't find any answer to this yet… It's a pritty silly question but don't know how to order the zones on the zone main menu.

Do you have any ideas?

Thanks & regards!
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Community saint


There is no such thing as a silly question!

If you have the menu edit links available (where it will show a small link in your menu that says "Edit Menu" you can click on that or you can go into your admin zone, and go to Structure > Menu Management, and choose the zone menu you wish to edit.

Then you simply move up or down or change/delete/add menu links. To change their order, ie, move the links, there are two small blue arrows next to each menul link, one pointing up, the other pointing down.

Now if you want to change the order of the zone menus in the left panel, you will need to edit your zones.

Admin Zone > Structure > Block/Layout Editor and choose the zone you wish to edit.

When you hit Proceed you will be greeted with a skeleton view of the zone. Click on Edit where you see the menu at (typically left panel) and it will show the area writen in comcode with different blocks identified. Simply cut and paste these blocks into the order you desire.

You can also opt to not use a zone-style menu for a more traditional menu.

Admin Zone > Setup > Configuration > Theme Options: Check the "Replace Zone Menu" box and you can make your own menu styles and such.

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