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OpenSSL encryption (is newsletter subscriber email address encrypted?)

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#69587 (In Topic #14741)

Fan in action

No members and no forum


I was wondering that does this: OpenSSL encryption encrypt email addresses in db if someone likes to subscribe in newsletter?

There will be no members or forum in my site, as i don't have enough time to "moderate" and due nature of my site there is no need for those (actually, it would be cool to have that, but i don't have enough time..). Simply comments/reviews are enough ATM. If i didn't understood totally wrong, i can add forum in later point if/when i have enough time.

If that don't encrypt subscribers email address, then i drop idea of giving newsletter option.

(sorry if this has been asked/answered, didn't find via search)

EDIT: is there a book or PDF i can download & print? It's easier that way than have open tabs :)

EDIT2: reason i ask this is:

Advanced: OpenSSL encryption said

If you wish to have encrypted OCF custom profile fields
And i don't thin that subscribers email address is considered as custom profile fields?

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Fan in action

I decided that i don't use newsletter option, only RSS.

By that decision i prevent scary scenario where my db is compromised and unencrypted emails of subscribers goes in wild.

Too paranoid, maybe :)
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Community saint

Hey Tinfoil_Hat, I see you are going to do a site without the forum and no members. I remembering myself saying that once upon a time. I am suggesting you read these 2 topics before you go too far with that idea.

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Fan in action


Thanks very much for link(s). Luckily i'm not too far yet, so i can change my mind about forum&members.

I thought i've read all possible posts, but it seems i missed some.

Thanks again, was really good that you pointed me those out.

OK, so back to original question. There are members&forum. Is email considered as custom profile field and newsletter subscriber email is encrypted when using  OpenSSL encryption?

I'm not SQL guru, so i don't like to experiment that and possibly "void" my db for editing/removing/deleting wrong stuff if subscribers email is not encrypted.

I edited title&desc of this question
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