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ocPortal-Newbie needs help on setting it up as a paid Link-Directory

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#59879 (In Topic #13026)

Fan in training

Help needed on setting ocPortal up as a paid Link-Directory


i'm new to ocPortal.

I'm very impressed with all the features and how smooth the installation went.

I would like to use ocPortal as a paid Link-Directory.

I guess i must use the catalogue feature to do so.

Is there a way to get it to work similar to phpLinkdir or esyndicat?

Basically what i need would be something like

1. Have 2 or 3 different payment levels (for instance standard, gold, diamond) that offer different functionality (for instance more description fields, file upload or perhaps even add a blog for the contributor)
2. People would only be able to add a link after they made a payment
3. After payment they get send user data to enter / create account to then enter their link plus description.

Any help to shorten the learning curve is appreciated. Thanks
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Community saint

Have you checked out the Subscriptions tutorial in the admin zone > documents area? I think that will be a start. You can set up different subscriptions and lead them to different usergroups on payment. Then have specific-permissions set for each usergroup.

Eric DeMars . com
My electronic portfolio and personal site. Uses ocPortal!
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