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OCP and Unix w/Mysql 5+

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#42485 (In Topic #9480)


While testing OC with my new domain host I'm having permission errors continuously, from the start of the install process, through configuration in Admin Zone. This is taking place with both v3.2.10 and RC4.

Sometimes I can get it to get past the error by chmod files or folders to 777, and sometimes that doesn't work. Often I receive error messages with 755, which is default if I'm not mistaken. It's not just a few error messages, but quite a few. My question is…is there anything I can do that might reduce or eliminate these?

This server is using a mysql 5.2 version, and I'm encountering problems I never had when testing OC on a mysql 4+. Usually the error messages arise when trying to make an Admin configuration change, and will sometimes point to a folder or file that doesn't exist (when I migrate there in FTP there's no folder/file as named in the message at least)

Any "magic bullet" type fixes available or work arounds?

If you need the specific messages, I can start trying to compile these, though I won't be able to get to that till sometime tomorrow evening due to scheduling.

Thanks in advance.
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A full list of permissions to set is in our advanced installation tutorial.

Usually the error messages arise when trying to make an Admin configuration change

This could actually be a separate issue. I'm not sure if you currently have a .htaccess file on your site, but the following code from our recommended.htaccess file may help you:


# Disable inaccurate security scanning (ocPortal has it's own)
<IfModule mod_security.c>
SecFilterEngine Off
SecFilterScanPOST Off
Paste it into your own, or create a new file with that contents if you don't have it already.

What it does is disable "mod_security" which is an Apache module that blocks page requests it thinks are hacks. Some of the config screens, and template editing screens, and and WYSIWYG editing screens, all submit HTML in the page request, which mod_security considers a hacking attempt.

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Thank you for your assistance. The 3.2.10 Quick FTP worked. The site is running without any error issues. Now I'm trying to get some particular configurations.

Thanks again very much.
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