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OCF features question

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#68262 (In Topic #14511)


members request them :)

Members request some features in the forum which I think could be useful for everyone. If these features are available already please just tell me I should read docs more carefully :) If they are not included yet it would be nice if you could implement them in future versions.
1. Button to add post author's nick to the reply. Like adding "2username:" string into the reply window.
2. Ability to quote mouse-selected text only from the post. It would be useful if user replies to the particular phrase in the post and would not need to do manual editing.
3. Is it possible to add more interface elements to the quick reply window? Like font size/colors and so on.
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Just in case someone needs the mouse-selected text quotes here is the fix for it :)
1. Find forum/pages/modules/topicview.php (make a backup or better upload edited one to forum/pages/modules_custom/topicview.php)
2. Replace the string starting from (it should be 216 string):


$javascript='var post


$javascript='var post=document.getElementById(\'post\'), txt=(window.getSelection?window.getSelection().toString():document.selection.createRange().text); if (!post) return true; var y=findPosY(post); if (y==0) return true; post.value+=(post.value==\'\'?\'\':\'\n\n\')+(txt==\'\'?\'[quote=\"'.addslashes($_postdetails['poster_username']).'\"]'.str_replace(chr(10),'\n',addslashes($_postdetails['post_original'])).'[/quote]
\')); window.scrollTo(0,y); return false;';
Attention: you should replace the entire string, not just the beginning :)
That's it, everything should work fine now.
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