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Observation on Forum - Approve/Moderate

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#71974 (In Topic #15119)

Fan in action

Item 1: After a member has posted to a forum that is Moderated (approve) this is the response:

"This entry has not yet been validated by our staff and thus we cannot accept any responsibility for it. You followed a direct link to get to it."

What does this mean? I think a better way is:

"This forum is set to Approve all post by moderators. When your post is approved, it will then be published."

You can still approve post and not accept responsibility for the accuracy of the content.

Item 2: Why does the post count include post which have not yet been approved?

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Community saint

Don't know about Item 2 but for Item 1 you can change the phrase to whatever you like if you go to: Admin Zone > Style > Translate/re-phrase the software > (language file) Global > then find where the left hand column says UNVALIDATED_TEXT

It won't change how anything works (make it different) but you can make it say anything you want by accessing and changing the appropriate language file in "Translate/re-phrase the software"

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Yes the default message is clearly misleading, there was no "direct link" followed so we'll change it for the case when you'e seeing what you just added. As friendly says, you can still edit the string to what you want

This forum is set to Approve all post by moderators. When your post is approved, it will then be published.

This might work for your site, but not as a default in the shipped ocPortal. 'Approve' is not standard ocPortal terminology, because for example there are other reasons to remove validation beyond disapproval of something (e.g. to temporarily hide something). "Moderators" is again not a term we really use in this way, as our permission and validation system is shared across the whole ocPortal so we don't tend to define the role in the pure forum-sense (we use the term 'staff'). "Post" is an assumption, as we use the same language string for other parts of ocPortal- 'entry' is the general term. We could use different language strings for different areas, but it annoys translators to have too much text defined.

Just thought I'd explain the reasoning.

Why does the post count include post which have not yet been approved?

Simplicity. I don't think it'll bother many people.

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