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2 questions

I have installed the newsletter signup page. When a user enters their email address and password and presses 'enter', the message below is what appears on the page. They do actually receive their confirmation email, I just don't know how to get rid of this message.

"You have gone to an URL which requires 'posted' data to be sent, as well as the information in the URL itself. This is most likely because you have copied and pasted a link to a new browser window, but the page the link was for was a results page for an action. (email)"

Secondly, if the person signing up is not already a member (they dont' have to be a member to sign up to the newsletter) what password would they enter? Is there a a "newsletter sign up" page option which does not ask for a password?

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Hi Claire,


For a new subscriber, the password on this form is a new password that subscribers can use for managing the subscription in the future. So the first time their address is subscribed, they enter a fresh password; but if they go back to the form again, to re-subscribe with different settings but the same e-mail address, then the password needs to be what was set on the original subscription.

Looking at this form myself now, I see this is far from clear, so I've made some changes. Attached is a zip that overwrites two ocPortal files with improved versions:
» Download: (6 Kb, 110 downloads so far)

Extract them to your server, then visit the newsletter subscribe page, then clear the language cache by:
holding down the ctrl+alt+shift keys and clicking the browser's refresh button.


I'm not sure exactly why this error message is occurring. One possibility is if the form is submitted, but the url is then loaded up a second time by some other action. For instance, in the situation where the form is taking a long time to submit (it shouldn't though), it is understandable that someone might click refresh, and then opt to 'not resend form data'.

If the problem happens every time, without any interference, what is the URL in the address bar when the error occurs?

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Fan in action

Thanks Chris, I'll have a go and see what happens
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