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New url rewrite options / SEO Preferences

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Fan in action

Recent ocP url rewrite defaults relating to SEO directories \ xhtml output

Hello again,

This probably has been covered, but not sure of recent ocP Updates. We're using the latest version.

I just checked off the new url rewrite box in ocP admin setup. It rids the /pg/start/ we were getting on our homepage, but I want to take it another step further. It's my understanding that search engines place more importance on files "located" in the root directory, and less importance within directories, forming the site architecture. I think the "site" directory defeats the homepage seo. (??)


This is what I am attempting to accomplish:


a. Homepage: vs

b. Pages: vs

End result for Parent and Child Category Hierarchy:


Can this be done via ocP admin or customizing .htaccess / recommended.htaccess ??


I am noticing a LOT of space between lines of code (especially menus using lists) when viewing page source files. Is there a quick fix or does each template need to be edited?

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