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Need a coder to customise OCPortal/VBulletin

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Will Pay - Details inside.

Ok, I URGENTLY need a coder to help with a bit of customising of the script.

I have quoted what the client has said (poor english, sorry!) below:

Can you setup the same as works

i would like you to use the following software for the site:

1: ocPortal - where Content Management meets Web 2.0
2: vBulletin® - Instant Community

the reason why i would like to use the ocportal software is the "Point system for rewarding members" info:

Point system for rewarding members
Our unique "Point System" allows your users to gain points by using your website. They will gain points for doing
things such as voting in polls, rating content, posting on the forum, submitting content, and more.
Your users can then spend these points in the point store - allowing them to purchase things like banner adverts in
the system, text messages that will be displayed on your website, or (optionally) e-mail addresses as well.
Your users will also be able to donate points to each other. This spawns all kinds of possibilities, allowing your
users to give each other points in exchange for other things - logo designs, help with a product, or even to start
their own competition. This point system brings your community tighter than you'd think possible due to their new

can  your coder change the way this works to the following please:
Members earn points by doing things such as voting in polls, rating content, posting on the forum, submitting content,
and more, then they can use the points to enter daily prize draws page, so for example:

1: Win Stardust DVD (20 points to enter)
2: Win Rockferry Music Album (20 points to enter)
3: Win Jamie at Home: Cook Your Way to the Good Life Book (20 points to enter)
4: Win Nintendo Wii Console (100 points to enter)
5: Win Really Nasty Golf Game (30 points to enter)

Then russ can you set it up like when they enter "Win Stardust DVD for 20 points" in the daily prize draws page
it will show up who entered into which one of the above daily prize draws so it has their username which is a text
link which goes to their vbulletin forum profile page and they can only enter each daily draw once each day, russ can
you see if your coder can do this with ocportal and vbulletin.

So members post in the vbulletin forums just like forum and earn points and then goto the daily draws
page to use their points to enter prize draws.

the whole point of this is that members use all the sites features and come back daily.

members can post about other companies offering competitions just like forum.

take a look at forum sections i would like the same for vbulletin forum etc

Username: johnsmith
Password: dvdseven
Loquax Forums - Competitions & Chat for Compers <Loquax Forums - Competitions & Chat for Compers>

Russ in the vbulletin forum can you set it up like forum has "Edit Prizes" in the "Control Panel" section
when you loged in and in their "The Winners Post" section they changed the option where you can thank the member  for
their post to the following "The Following 12 Users Say Well Done to "member name" For This Win: "This is only for the
"The Winners Post" section.

in the ocportal software they have the following "Images Of The Day" can you change that to "Prize Draw of The
Day" which links to the daily prize draws page, so i can add the image of the prize draw.

Can you design the look and layout of the frontpage the same way as please.  *(I'll do that bit, but*
*would need to be coded into the script - Russ)*

So on they have the following buttons etc

1: "Enter to Win" (which goes to the register page of vbulletin forum)
2: "How it Works" (which goes to a page on ocportal software explaining about the points system and using the points)
3: "Community" (which goes to vbulletin forum main page)
4: "Tell a Friend" (which will have a tell a friend page popup)

where it has "Fall Spectacular Over $20,000 Total in Prizes" in the orange bar change it too "Today Free Daily
Prize Draw" with a countdown clock when will the winners are picked so like a hour countdown so it says "hours left"
like says "days left".  *(Might need your help on the countdown - Russ)*

where has 3 blue boxes with prizes to enter and with the green button "ENTER TO WIN" i would like
6 boxes with daily prize draws info and pics of the prizes which link to the daily prize draws page.
And russ can you set it up where i can update it easy each day please. has "More Sweepstakes" in a orange bar please change it too "More Free Prize Draws". has "Winners' Circle" in a orange bar please change it too "The Winners Post" which loads the
latest "The Winners Post" vbulletin forum posts info. has "What Are People Saying?" in a orange bar please change it too "The Chat Forum" which loads
the latest "The Chat Forum" vbulletin forum posts info. has "Special Offers" at the top right of their page in the grey box can you change it too "Free
Prize Draw Offers" which i can add links to 5 Prize Draw Offers.

Ok, now let me explain exactly what all that means! :D

I would need someone to make the script work in this way:

Users can post in the forum, and be "active" in the site in different ways - by doing so they earn points.  They can then SPEND those points on entering prize draws, set by the client.  So the client would set up prize draws, and the user can enter ONE PER DAY, using his points.  On top of that, you would need to be able to SKIN the site design for me.  By Skin, I mean take a PSD that I create, and make the site look like that design.

If someone can do this, and also be available for other small niggling changes, that would be superb.  I will, of course, pay for your work.

Hope to hear from someone soon - MSN or Skype is best way to contact me:

Skype:  russellclow


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