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Navigating-to vs searching catalogue entries

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#102984 (In Topic #20172)



By simply inserting a couple of {$IS_IN_GROUP} type filters into my theme's CATALOGUE_DEFAULT_ENTRY_SCREEN template, I'm able to allow non-paying visitors to see the names of entries immediately beneath any category-page, but display them a "no-pay, no-see" type message on the entry-page if they try to access it. Their ability to see the entry-names, of course, requires them to have usergroup view-access permission for the categories concerned.

This setup would meet my needs ideally, if it weren't for one pitfall: using Search, non-paying users can, for any permitted category, get full access to entries (with included links active) that contain the search keyword they submit, despite the {$IS_IN_GROUP} filtering.

Of course the really simple solution here would be to make the Site Search block visible to paying users only, but I'd be really interested and grateful to know if there were any equally effective methods of preventing such displaying of entries that could allow me to retain the Search feature for non-paying users.

Thanks for reading!
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