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Well after trying your cms portal system. And actually trying to some basic adding and editing of topics pages and so on. Though i like your system and think it has many good qualities.
What it truly lacks is easy ability to do things in the end.
To much in learning a new sytax in certain areas and not the ability to just create with a ease of access over all. 
Good luck to you and i hope one day you look at it in a way that is truly ease of access.
IMO a good cms must be able to be administered by anyone who can type there own name.
If its any harder then typing your own name. Then it looses its flavor in a multitude of ways.

It is my hope one day to see a drag and drop system for administrators. To be honest i think it is the way to go but that's my opinion. There is absolutely no reason why a drag and drop system can not work on today's net. To have users learn a new syntax is burdensome if you are providing a product that is not unique.
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Thanks for your feedback :).

Would the syntaxes be for template editing? We'd love to make a more visual system for this, but to put it bluntly this is extremely difficult to develop (around 1.5 years development for a senior programmer) and therefore would take around $100k. Unfortunately we don't have that level of funding at the moment.

If it's Comcode, this provides a lot more power than drag and drop block placement, although you can drag and drop blocks around to an extent in the WYSIWYG editor. Again, we'd like to improve this, possibly making an option for a visual block editor - again though, the cost would be high, perhaps 4 months senior developer time in this case.

If you're referring to one of the filtering syntaxes (ocFilter or ocSelect), I'd describe that as more advanced functionality that I would only expect a small proportion of users working on more complex sites to need.

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