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Music related (media) buying songs/preview before buy

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#79665 (In Topic #16207)

Fan in training

Music related questions if possible with Ocportal and how

Hi, question…
When you let's say 'have music of your own you
wish to promote' and wish for people to be able to preview the song
before downloading/buying, is there a way to do that in Ocportal? For
example, I have tracks I've created and want to sail. I've even went
as far as make a special 1 to 2 minute long sample of them, and still
have the original tagged and non tagged versions also. The tagged
version is a freely available version, whilst the "non" tagged and
"lease" versions you would have to pay for. Any thoughts on that? I'm
sure the Download manager would be used for some of that right?

is called
Muztech Community
and is run with Ocportal.
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