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Multiple Types of User Accounts?

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#103997 (In Topic #20328)

Non-joined user

I'm looking into different content management systems and was wondering if OCPortal allowed multiple types of user accounts. I'm just experimenting with this kind of thing, so please forgive my ignorance of the subject. I'll try to explain what I mean.

The first type of user will be able to login with limited access. They cannot view any information in the database but their own.

The second type of user will be able to login and see all the information created by the other users.

In other words, the first users would fill the database with their information and the second will be able to sort through it all to find what they need.

Thank you.
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Community saint

Hi there. I think there is a good possibility of achieving this with ocPortal, but not without some limitations or advanced customisation. I'm hoping someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but out-of-the-box I don't think ocPortal will have the exact fine-tuning of view permissions you are describing. This is assuming you want to control the view permissions down to the individual user level and down to the actual individual content entry level. If you don't need such high granularity of permissions, ocPortal does allow you to control view permissions down to the usergroup and content category levels.

Even without this permission control you need, there may be a couple of ways to achieve your desired end goal with ocPortal.

The least complex, and probably the least favorable method... If there were going to be a very small number of users in the first level (ability to submit content, but only view their own submission), you could possibly workaround the issue with view permissions by creating a new usergroup and content category for each member in the first level. Then you would be able to assign permissions that would allow them to only submit to and view their own category. The users in the second level could then have permissions set to view these categories as well. The main limitation being, you would be breaking up the content into categories based on users in level one instead of based on topics and that might get to be too messy unless each user in level one is assigned a specific topic of content to submit to their category. 

A more complex, and probably more favorable method... You could create the categories based on the topics you need and assign all level one users view and submit permissions to all of those topic categories. Then you should be able to use filters to restrict what they can view. This is getting into a realm I haven't explored in any significant way, so hopefully someone that has used this feature can add to the conversation. The filter tutorials are on these pages:

This would take careful planning and probably some custom templates so the level one users have the content properly filtered. The possible main limitation here being, the users in level one will still have view permission to all of the content. Even though what would be displayed to level one users is filtered down to only their own content, they still may be able to hack the URL to view content that was submitted by other level one users. Again, it's a realm of ocPortal I haven't explored, so it's entirely possible the filters can be set up to achieve exactly what you're looking for, but I'm guessing it will take some significant customisation to the comcode pages and templates.
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Non-joined user

Thanks for your thoughtful and helpful response. I'll have to experiment and play around with it, since it is free. I appreciate the time and effort you took on my behalf.
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