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M.S.N or OCF or something else

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#51894 (In Topic #11333)

Fan in action

question1.) Not sure where i would find, or look or need.

I have a few very large old sites. I would like to tie them together one day.

each has different board, 1.) VB, 2.)phpbb, 3.) is text database that i would import users into OCportal. [members then could also use the other sites]

2.) pull content from each domain site too.

[is it possible?]would anyone suggest I use the MSN or OCF or something else…

I came across these terms

# Share login credentialsLogin with the same usernames/passwords.
# HTTP authenticationTie into an existing HTTP authentication-based login system (OCF).
# Multi-site networks [multi instances of ocportal]

but im not sure if these are the same thing, different, or slight variations.

What would anyone suggest I start with learning on with the path i would like to go in.

one parents site [ocportal] and have the users able to use same user name and pass for the others two, as one [text data] will be imported into  [unless better option]ocportal

thanks in advance for the help and reply.

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