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Method or script to add multiple sub-forums?

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#112129 (In Topic #22590)

Honoured member

When I started the site I had a number of general forums eg. Wanted, Requests, etc that covered the entire range of manufacturers related to the above.

The forum has grown so rapidly so it is now desirable to name each manufacturer below each main forum eg.

   |_ Man 1
   |_ Man 2
   |_ Man 3
   |_ etc.

   |_ Ditto (same manufacturers)

I currently have a list of 58 manufacturers and would like to add them to at least 2 forums as sub-forums. Is there an automated way of adding these sub-forums from a list or has anyone written an SQL query to perform such a task?

If the answer is no to all of the above, could someone tell me all of the tables I need to update and I'll have a go at creating the query myself.


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