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Make INCLUDE Tag go "IFRAME-Style"

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#35012 (In Topic #7917)

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I've been trying to do something with my site all day, but I cannot seem to accomplish it.

Anyhow, I'm trying to add a block of information to the frontpage using the INCLUDE tag (this block of information is obviously located on another page). The reason why I'm using the tag is because I want it so when a user clicks a link in this block of information, they will be sent to the requested page, only they'll still be viewing the same page (sort of like an IFRAME). Unfortunately you cannot include a page using this tag and expect it to work like an IFRAME, because that's not the way it works. :/

I would've just used an IFRAME, but instead of including only what is on the Comcode page, it includes the entire webpage (obviously). I also would've just placed this block of information on its own HTML page, then include it in the Comcode page in ocPortal, but I can't do that because the block of information is a table in ocPortal (and therefore placing it on a seperate HTML page will make it look crappy because the table gets its styles from ocPortal).

How can I include a page in ocPortal and make it possible to navigate through the included page without leaving ocPortal (like an IFRAME sort of thing)?

lol. I can see it already - I just confused a lot of people, didn't I? :P

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The best I can say without specifying code changes is that if you pass in a wide_high=1 to an ocPortal URL, it'll skip the panels and top/bottom out, leaving a plain page. Then you could use your iframe, as long as the links within there also had that parameter in the URLs.

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