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#89844 (In Topic #18209)

Fan in action

Network Down - IP Validation Blocking Admin

The network I was on is no longer accessible. Long story! Sitting in a car dealership lounge right now :)

No validation confirmation code. Tried config_editor but not accepting password.

Thought I would throw this out in case anyone has a quick fix. If not, I'll buy another coffee & try doing another install. I'm using version 9.

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Community saint

Sorry to hear that, Ernie!
If working with a Blackberry, it could be just connection delays corrupting packets...would probably fixed itself later, else I've no clues.

Hope coffee is good at least!;)

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I think the emails come out once per attempt to load a page.

However, these were not really designed for mobile use. It's more like, you have your office connection and you tie your admin account to that so that hackers can't get in from other locations if they had somehow got your password.

If you're always on the move you'll have a lot of hassle to keep validating IPs.

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Fan in action

I see how efficient that is! I will not be returning to my office network so I'm permanently out. Long story.

I tried doing another install, but once again I'm up against the database access problems. I've changed the passwords to make sure that I'm entering data correctly. But still no access!

Since I changed my database pw my site is no longer accessible. So it definitely looks like a new install now.

I have entered every combination I can imagine for the database settings all I get is the cannot connect message. I don't know what data Chris entered the last time in the installer, but I certainly can't seem to replicate it.

Is there another work around for installing other than the installer that may work & populate the database?

So super frustrated at this point. I don't mind making mistakes in the learning curve as long as I can go back to a fresh install. But I can't even seem to get that right.

Anyone out there using Bluehost & what database parameters are you using? They use a master database & password & then you have to set up usable databases & users under that account. I just can't figure out which are to be entered for ocPortal to connect.
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