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Fan in training

Error occurs when going into admin

I am attempting to build our site and load with content, but each time I go into an admin section -doesn't matter which one, I get an error message:

ERROR unsuccessfully attempted to load plugin 'TableOperations' '10' times.  It probably contains an error.  Please check your javascript console for details.

The portion of the admin I am working in then fails - ie. if I am in the download section and I attempt to load a download, it acts like it is working, come back and says it was successful, but nothing appears on the site, so it really didn't work.

I am using IE7.  There are no java errors being detected, so I haven't been able to see an actual error message.

Has anyone else had this problem and if so, how did you solve it?

And, last but not least, I haven't been able to get the site off the ground, in part due to this error and secondly because it is SO SLOW!! I have other sites on this server and they blaze.  I've noticed OCPortal has been really slow and hard to get around in, and my site is pretty much the same. There is nothing in it yet, so I am concerned about opening it to live members with it being this slow with nothing there, what the heck happens when there is traffic.  Any suggestions? I host with Host Gator and the server is great.

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It's likely the errors you're seeing are due to corrupt files. Please try deleting the data/areaedit directory and reuploading from the files in the manual installer zip.

ocPortal does have more overhead that simpler systems but it shouldn't be 'slow'. If it's taking more than a second or so for pages to start coming through to the browser, then there's probably either something wrong with the server or cache's are turned off in ocPortal's configuration. I've seen ocPortal perform very well on some shared hosts, but I can't really comment about any specific web host because performance often depends on the other customers who are using the shared server as much as the web host itself. If a server has an excess of sites which make CPU demands (which ocPortal does, as it is basically a programming language in it's own right), it is possible for simple scripts or pages to appear fast (as they don't really use the CPU much at all) whilst at the same time any complex scripts will appear very slow due to undercapacity.

We did have some problems with a corrupt mySQL table slowing the site down recently, and this site does get badly hammered by bots, but it is back up to speed now.

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That with bots we have this the same. But the site is loading at normal speed. :)
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