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#78040 (In Topic #16015)

Community saint

I know someone mentioned wanting to have a list of 'tracked' topics.

I played with this a bit, and changed:

/personalzone/pages/modules/myhome.php as follows:

Code (php)

            //$rows=$GLOBALS['FORUM_DB']->query('SELECT DISTINCT p_topic_id FROM '.$GLOBALS['FORUM_DB']->get_table_prefix().'f_posts WHERE p_poster='.strval((integer)$member_id).$where_more.' ORDER BY p_time DESC',$n,$start);

            $rows=$GLOBALS['FORUM_DB']->query('SELECT DISTINCT r_topic_id FROM '.$GLOBALS['FORUM_DB']->get_table_prefix().'f_topic_tracking WHERE r_member_id='.strval((integer)$member_id).$where_more.' ORDER BY r_last_message_time DESC',$n,$start);

Commenting out the original line that searched all the posts for posts by the member, to the line that searches the tracked topics.     Down from there are a few places to change 'p_topic_id' to 'r_topic_id'.

And of course, you need to either add a new language entry or alter 'TOPICS_PARTICIPATED_IN' if you want it to say 'topics tracked' instead of 'topics participated in'.

This seems to be an either/or kind of thing.   Or you could modify the template myhome.php uses, and have the original code, and add a section modified as above in order to have a list of participated in AND a list of tracked topics displayed.

I don't see how to 'merge' the two together in a good way since the search/sorting is based on different things.

Though if your users use the 'track topics posted to' option, their list will be a merge.    ;)


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