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Left panel editing.

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#28266 (In Topic #6494)

Community saint

I have a problem trying to edit the left panel, on my welcome page.

Got the shout box in there, and want to get rid of it.
Click on edit page, find (block]side_shoutbox[/block), and delete the line.
Click on edit (to save changes to all settings and panels above), back to my page and surprise… shout box is still there.

Try again, clear the caches … still there   :'(

Click on administration link, content/comcode pages/:panel_left, validate.
Shout box is not there. O_o
Good. Clear the caches again to celebrate.

Back to my welcome page, what do I see ?
The shout box…

FTP hunt for panel_left.txt

Found nine of them:

This is for the welcome page, so for testing i'll just keep those in the pages and site folders and open them to see if the shout box line is there:
\pages\comcode\EN (no shout box)
\pages\comcode_custom\EN (has shout box)
\pages\comcode_custom\FR (no shout box)
\site\pages\comcode\EN (no shout box)

From what I understand,
the \pages folder is the one i'm looking for,
and the thing writes on comcode_custom\FR,
but reads comcode_custom\EN.

Guess I can clean the guilty file with my favourite text editor and FTP it back on the server, without the shout box. But I don't think it's what you had in mind when you coded it.  ;)

While we're at it…
Would it help if I add FR folders everywhere, or is it supposed to do this itself?
What does the {$SET,interlock,_false} line do?  :$

Last one to leave the country, please turn off the lights.
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Community saint

moimaim said

What does the {$SET,interlock,_false} line do?  :$

What a terrific 'silly question'. Been meaning to ask this for a while. Changing the parameter to '_true' only allows it to ignore me, so I gave up on it. But now that it is mentioned I would be interested to know the answer, too.


Take my advice. I'm not using it!

View my working ocPortal site (version 9.x.x) at Anglo-Indian Portal
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But I don't think it's what you had in mind when you coded it.

You're right. Sorry about this, and it's good investigation on your part to track it down.
I have found two bugs. My problem though is that these don't quite correlate with your evidence. Hopefully, one of us is misunderstanding the data…
ocPortal - Entry: Comcode page editing problem on pages with multiple languages

You might want to check the language specified in your administrator account user profile (i.e. Go to edit your profile in the Personal Zone). It is best to be "French". Then check the site language using the config_editor.php script (or editing info.php manually) – it should be FR. I believe these problems are caused by inconsistencies between the two – they are definitely bugs in ocPortal, but they are exacerbated by complex situations.

or is it supposed to do this itself?

It should be creating them itself upon-need.

What does the {$SET,interlock,_false} line do?

The box style used by default on the panel blocks (the panel box type) "interlocks" the boxes together, such that any single panel acts as a cohesive chain. As we try not to make assumptions in ocPortal, we couldn't assume that it was a panel that was a cohesive chain (for instance, one might want multiple "interlock-chains" on any single panel). Thus we invented this symbol marker to mark the end of a chain.

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