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Language Display Options Bug

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#72467 (In Topic #15202)

Fan in action

Site: Installation Options::default_lang is set to JA.
My Member Account: site language is set to EN.

In Site Options, I checked "Detect Language From Account" and saved. When I went back, the site was still in JA. When I returned to the Site Options, "Detect Language From Acccount" was still unchecked. I tried it a couple of times but the option wont save correctly. Somtimes happens for "Detect Language From Browser" too.

Can you have "Detect Language From Account" AND "Detect Language From Browser" enabled at the same time ? Not sure why this bug is popping up. Is there a workaround ?

I am going over the database and looking at the "detect language" entries in the config table.

DETECT_LANG_BROWSER11tickreturn '0';

DETECT_LANG_FORUM0 tickreturn (get_forum_type()=='ocf')?NULL:'1';

Does the Detect_Lang_Forum entry say that if the forum isn't type ocf to return NULL (0) ?
We made a few Admin accounts but we have not created any forums yet.
That could be why the option won't save when I checkmark it. Can this language option be used without creating a forum ?

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I just tested this on the latest version and was able to save okay. There's no special code in the config system that limits what you can set like this, so it sounds like either an old bug (upgrading may help) or something like a suhosin limit on the number of allowed form fields resulting in some of the options not saving through (if your PHP-info says you have suhosin, consult with your web host).

Sorry I am not able to tell exactly. If you'd like me to look directly, please submit a free support ticket with FTP access details.

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