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Is this 'filter' custom to or a part of ocPortal software?

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#66284 (In Topic #14159)

Fan in action

Both these links started with the exact same URL.

Case 1: Using the 'link' icon in CKeditor:
Various Custom Pages, Including 'Simple SSO'
Result = Link unchanged and works fine

Case 2: Copy / paste only the url into the editor textarea of the editor.
Miscellaneous features and usage - ocPortal
Result = The link text is auto-selected based on the main title of the target page, However the url itself is changed and doesn't work.

I can test myself to answer the question (re: ocP software), and also thought you might want to know about this.

Test with external link:
CKEditor - WYSIWYG Text and HTML Editor for the Web
Result = It's a nice feature for external links, since the complete page title is grabbed for you. Why are your internal links 're-written'?
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That is likely due to mod_rewrite using the short url function. It is a cuntion that you can enable in your ocPortal installation if you have a capable webhost that has apache and the sort.

This option can be found in your admin zone in setup > configuration > site option in the advanced box, entitled "Short URL's". It simply rewrites all ocPortal URLS into a simplified format.

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I think you made a Freudian slip at the start of your second sentence there Mythus ;).

The 's/1/13' bit is mod_rewrite, we have a special rule to make CEDI links short.
The auto-fetching of titles is a Comcode feature.
And the exact behaviour reported here is a clear bug, I'm working on it now.

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