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Is this feasible on ocPortal?

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Fan in training

Will these features be deployable on ocPortal?

Hi all,

This is my first post on this forum. I'm a novice when it comes to web development and the only experience I've had in it so far is the creation of my blog site and editing the html in it to add in the share buttons, facebook box and stuff.

I'm a student btw and my current blogger-based website is a mark of my rebellion against the poorness of the education system where millions of students are manufactured like bots. (Your sympathies are appreciated :P) What we do is publish articles written by concerned students/citizens about the education system.

Here's my current website -

Since the beginning of this website a lot of people have responded positively but there've been a lot of negative comments on the design. So I decided to develop a completely professional website that will act as an online community rather than just a blog. So I gathered a bunch of computer science students and started discussing what we could do. Then one of them introduced to us the mighty ocPortal. Obviously we were very impressed with the out of the box functionality required for an online community.

This is what we've come up with so far on our development site - (ignore the dysfunctional links on the left panel of the site, I gave up on them after not being able to find out why they don't show the original links.)

Anyways I'm very concerned about the looks of the website. I don't like the default look of the ocPortal website. I want to know if I can get help from someone experienced to make it look something like this -

Also what should one know (meaning what language, what sort of coding experience) to make the site look like the site?

Also I need to do the following:-

  1. Anyone should be able to log into the site with restricted previlages using their facebook/Google login and our site should be able to gather their facebook/Google information through the logins. (Would we mandatorily need a facebook app for this?)
  2. Facebook box and twitter box should be at the bottom of the front page (There should be a separate panel for widgets at the bottom like there are side panels.)
  3. Each post should come with “add this” buttons along with Google’s +1 and Facebook’s ‘like’ buttons and the inbuilt rating system.
  4. There’s one set of menu items for administrative controls already in place. There should be a separate menu at the top for the pages of the website.
  5. Those floating buttons on the sides of the website like the feedback and help buttons on
Please let me know:-
  1. If all this is possible on ocPortal
  2. What we would need in terms of tools, special expertise in some language etc.
  3. How exactly to implement these features on our development site

Thanks a ton!

PS - if anyone is willing to work with my team on this project, I would be highly and thoroughly grateful! I have a detailed blueprint with instructions as to what should be done…just lack the right expertise. So, just pm me if you want to help my student team.
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