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installation steps pages don't load

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#62134 (In Topic #13530)

Fan in training

Hello, could you please help me with some info? Pages for installation steps simply don't load (usually at step 3, though it has also happened at step 4). Any idea what I can do?

I have tried A LOT the past two days to finish the installation, with Opera and Chrome and even IE. On the problem pages all I get is the ocPortal banner… and it's so frustrating because I really want to use this CMS and I can't. I gave up on Joomla after much struggle with its conflicting components and stuff, so when I read about ocPortal I thought this is exactly what I'm looking for. Except I'm spending hours trying to make it work, just as I did with Joomla - there it was for configuring here it's for reading tutorials and trying to install the damn thing. I know I'm usually stupid, but this problem is definitely at ocPortal's end.

This is what happens:
- upload files on server, set permissions
- access
- choose language, go to step 2 (doesn't load immediately but works)
- click the I agree button and go to install.php?step=3
- ocPortal banner loads on page and then nothing else (timeout, apparently)
- reload page, nothing
- reload page, nothing

- reload page a 15th time, page loads slowly
- go to step 4, page doesn't load, just the ocPortal banner
- reload step 4 page, nothing

And so on. It's not that something goes wrong (input of wrong data), it's that I just don't get to the content of the page. I can't be the only one having this problem, right? Does anybody know what I can possibly do? Please help and sorry for the hysterical message, I'm restraining myself from throwing the computer out the window. Thank you!
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One thing that can cause this is if the wrong MySQL hostname is entered. Some PHP environments will sit forever trying to connect.
On Windows servers you may need to use '' instead if 'localhost'.

Another possibility is if the server you're using is just very slow.


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Fan in training

Thanks for your answer. It's not the MySql hostname, it's indeed not localhost but I entered the correct one, checked with the guy that helps me with hosting - he too tried to complete the installation and didn't work. The server IS slow so it's probably that. :'(  Does that mean there's nothing I can do?
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