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Installation does not work

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#72345 (In Topic #15175)

Fan in training

I've tried installing several times but it never works

Has anyone ever got this installation to work? I'm getting tired of re-entering all the information. Every time I'm on step=4 page and press "Install ocPortal" button, I get an error that says: We could connect to the FTP, but we received an access denied error. Yet I can access the same ftp location and login using the same credentials just fine. I suspect something else but this ambiguous error means nothing since it works manually.

Resolved: For anyone else that has this problem. I could ftp OK but hadn't checked that I could "put" any files. i.e., A directory permissions problem. It would be nice if the error message was clearer on what the problem was.

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Community saint

I had no problems with the installer. Photo community  (dutch)
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