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Inconsistencies for site statistics default date selection

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#71254 (In Topic #15024)

Community saint

The following site statistics reports appear to default to a timescale of first entry in stats to the current date:
Page view statistics
Page load times
Top referrers
Top search keywords

These reports default to the current day:
Search statistics
Posting rate

It seems to me that all the reports should default to the same timescale which, for me, would be the last 30 days. Was this an intentional decision to use different default timescales?

Additionally, the "Submission statistics" (which has no date selector) seems to use the date of the first article posted to the current date. In my case, I cleared the statistics on June 20th but this report has a starting date of May 15 (the day I made my first blog entry. Will it be the case that it will reflect the full timescale based on the statistics data retention days or is this limited to a specific number of days in the code?

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