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I'm Getting a different view in preview than shows up on start page

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I'm Getting a different view in preview than shows up on start page

I'm Getting a different view in preview than shows up on start page. The part of the code that is being overridden or ignored is "height=120px"I am using this code


<div class="float_surrounder"><span class="ocp_keep">[block param=&quot;10&quot; catalogue=&quot;paleo_news&quot;zone=&quot;_SEARCH&quot;]main_recent_cc_entries[/block]
</span><br /><span class="ocp_keep">[box=&quot;Featured Gallery: Jon Hughes &amp; Russ Gooday&quot; type=&quot;classic&quot;;]<span class="ocp_keep">[block param=&quot;hughes_gooday&quot; zone=&quot;_SEARCH&quot;max=&quot;5&quot; title=&quot;Featured Gallery&quot; height=120px;]main_gallery_embed[/block]
</span><span style="font-size: 12pt;">See more of <strong>Jon Hughes &amp; Russ Gooday's Gallery</strong></span><a href="/~prehisto/site/index.php?page=galleries&amp;type=misc&amp;id=hughes_gooday"target="_top"><span style="font-size: 12pt;">just click here</span></a>[/box]
If you look here you see the code as PREVIEWED - this is how I want it to look. Now if you look here you see it as it actually shows up on the START page after you press the save button.

I am trying to get rid of the blank space below the images. I don't want to change the little coding I did in the GALLERY CSS


.gallery_media_expose {overflow: hidden;outline: 0;float: {!en_left};margin-bottom: 10px;width: 33.3%;background-color: #000000;background-position:top left;height:145px;width:136px;}
because I get pictures of every shape. I added the css code to fix the irregular display of many different shaped thumbnails.

Any clue as to what is keeping the code from displaying 'correctly' on the START page?

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