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I'm new to ocPortal and need help with error message please.

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Not Acceptable - An appropriate representation of the requested resource /portal/adminzone/index.php could not be found on this server.

Hello everyone:

I am new to ocPortal. I have a new installation and trying to get everything configured and ready to use in the quickest amount of time. For the most part, things are going well as I used the setup wizard to get started and have had the opportunity to do some customization here and there. 

Here's my issue.  (In the Admin Zone - Setup - Configuration - Site Options section) Anything I attempt to edit within this area comes back with this error message:

NOT ACCEPTABLE.  An appropriate representation of the requested resource /portal/adminzone/index.php could not be found on this server.

I do not know .php.  I'm a very old school html programmer and haven't built a website in many years.  This tells me that the index.php page is missing but if I am doing a fresh installation and using the wizard, why would I have this issue?  How do I fix it?

Here is what I have. I have a domain and set up a subdomain of (This isn't my actual domain name, just an example for clarity.)  I installed ocPortal in the portal directory and just about everything else is fine.  When I launch the page in a separate browser, one of the issues I have is my Welcome page will says this:

We hope you enjoy your visit here. Please join or login if you have joined before.

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Hello and welcome to ocPortal!

This is probably a mod_security issue with your web hosting provider. Many web hosts are using mod_security with lots of security restrictions that can interfere with many php applications. Here is a link for configuring mod_security for ocPortal: 

You will likely need to contact your hosting provider and refer them to that link and see if they can whitelist the rules that are identified there. Or find a web host that doesn't cripple their customers web sites with such tight security restrictions.
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