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Hyperlinking to certain News Category

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#50211 (In Topic #10941)

Fan in action

Hello! :)

I have reinstalled the portal and forgot how to link to certain news category

So far I managed to link to the certain category News Arhive

Is there any way I can hyperlink to certain News Category to view post for example related to category ''Torrents'' ''12''

This links me to Category ''12'' but to News Archive

But the way It worked before was something like this with full news description

And many certain Categories Full posts in one page, not archive

This link is giving me all news from ALL Categories, but I need category 12

This link is giving me all news from Category 12, but is showing all News in Archive

What exactly I am doing wrong?

And how I can point to certain category to see full posts instead of Categories Arhive

Many Thanks! :)

Dj Sm1rn0ff (OCP User)
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Fan in action

Alternative way to do this I suggest is:

1. Create a new comcode page
2. Edit comcode page and insert code:

block param="2" filter="12'' multiplier="0.5" fallback_full="6" fallback_archive="15" blogs="-1" zone="_SEARCH"]main_news /block

3. Save the page as category12

4. Hyperlink to this comcode page

Dj Sm1rn0ff (OCP User)
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