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Fan in action

I did search on ocPortal, used search engines and did read tutorials


As title&desc says. Im going to use shared/self signed SSL certificate for starters, because i can't afford my own just yet.

I did do alot of search&reading on tutorials, but there must be something what i didn't understand?

Do i need to set some forwardes on cPanel, do some modding on somewhere or, is it because shared/self signed SSL uses different URL, for example: my site is and when i enable HTTPS, site URL is: HTTPS:// and when HTTPS is enabled in settings, site kind of "breaks" and i barely get options back to disable HTTPS ( i have to add "s" everytime page changes )

Hmm, this sounds very confusing when i type it, hope you get my point.



Also about sandboxing:

I need safe enviroment to do testing and modding, and if something goes wrong main site is not affected. I tried to do what like it says in FAQ, but problem is that if i do editing, in that "folder"/"domain" it redirects to my main site and edits main files, what i like to be safe. In this case too, there is something that i don't fully understand.

Thanks again :)

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Fan in action

I got this "solved" and solution was so simple that im ashamed i did not figured it out earlier..

HTTPS is not possible on shared/self signed certificate because it can't be tied close enough on hosting/server. Only option is not to use it, or buy own dedicated certificate what comes with dedicated IP.

I created new install on demo domain and "cloned" aka copied all needed files there.

Sometimes man just thinks too difficult and can't see clear answer in front of his face :lol:

This can be closed or trashed.

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