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How to Transfer Content Between Usergroups?

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#49616 (In Topic #10817)


Saving time and just duplicating one into another.... How?

One more question. :)

Scenario… I have a gallery that's set up for
one usergroup… Right? Now I'd like to add
the content into another user group.

Is there a way copy the content of a gallery
or catalogue and add it to another?

I don't want to provide the same permissions
for each usergroup… The goal is keep them

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Community saint

Hi WBD! Not sure I'd go about it in this manner as you then end up with duplicate sets of content to maintain. To accomplish your goal (as I understand it), I would create a new usergroup, base the permissions off the current one, then go back in after saving/creating and customize the permissions of the newly created group to what you desire. This way, you have single content to manage, but two distinct usergroups accessing it.

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Thanks SoccerDad!

Well, I will have two different sets content
to maintain. Right now one has the foundation
content that I want to copy rather than redoing
it over.

I see what you're saying. Being that each
usergroup's content is clearly defined by
the gallery or catalogue name, to merge
this together won't work.

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