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How Can I Restrict Access to Individual Galleries?

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My continuing search far an easy method to control access to member galleries!

I brought up my interest in being able to control access to individual galleries on my website in a previous post titled "Restricting children galleries from adopting new parents".

The way it is now when someone wants to have a gallery at Prehistorics Illustrated they have to put in a request to me. I then, go in and set up the uniform gallery format with the images plus copyright and image description info in place. When someone needs revisions, additions and the like they again contact me and I do the work. This means that Admin (me) is credited by ocPortal as the creator/maintainer of the gallery and not the real 'owner' of the gallery. An aside from this is that I hand out points for this manually rather than automatically.

While this is working for me now, I can anticipate a time when this could create a backup and bottleneck for my website. I believe access to the galleries and management by the member who's images it contains would be a good thing.

The big concern for me is the protection of the gallery from not so well meaning types. Up to this point I have managed these permissions by not making them available to anyone else but me. Still I have never given up the hope of finding a relatively easy way to give control of galleries to the owners and still insulate the individual galleries from access or 'tampering' by other members who have no business being inside other members galleries and have access to any control there. So here are a few ideas I have floating in my head. Please note that, on my website, not every member wants or has a gallery.
  • I have thought of creating a USERGROUP for those who have galleries and place it in the OTHER USERGROUP category so there is no promotion progression. This would isolate gallery access to only those in that USERGROUP. This is better than what I am doing but still allows an undesirable too broad access.
  • An expansion on this concept is to make an individual USERGROUP for each member with a gallery. I think this would give individual control as per member basis. The drawback is obvious. Early on, right now I have 50+ galleries and growing so adding another 50+ USERGROUPS could be complex on its own.
  • Something else I have thought of is gallery ownership. Like with the BANNERS feature, where you can assign ownership to a particular banner. This allows control on an individual (perhaps it allows more than one, I am not sure) basis.
  • Or perhaps at the permissions screen adding something for the gallery similar to the "Restrict as per match-tags (main_only_if_match)" block which could customise access to gallery pages at the individual member level.
There may be other slick ways of doing this that you can think of. Please comment and add your ideas or perhaps methods that have worked for you.

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I believe you can assign a usergroup permission to add galleries (by putting the permission on the galleries page) without giving them permission to edit them. That way they get ownership and you just need to make any later edits they may request.

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